Will movers move cleaning products?

Moving companies, such as United, who are experts in ensuring a professional moving experience for their customers, can provide you with an important checklist of items they won't be moving. Many of these restricted items are likely to be found in your garage or with your household cleaning supplies. Other items could be around your house, in bathrooms and storage rooms. Items such as gasoline and ammunition may seem obvious, but others are not as obvious, such as wax candles and indoor plants.

Anything that is perishable is also something that moving companies will not be able to transport for you. Because moving is usually a lengthy process and most moving trucks lack air conditioning, food and other perishable goods are absolutely prohibited for transport and must be disposed of before moving day. People who move cross-country often have a moving checklist with dangerous goods they can't move, and they're likely to refuse to pack them too When it comes to your personal items, carriers don't want responsibility if something small is missing. That's because even if moving companies can reimburse you for items, they're usually things that can't really be replaced for sentimental reasons.

Your movers may not want to breathe in all the dust from your furniture or have to deal with crumbs on the couch. So make sure you are prepared and that your refrigerator is completely clean and emptied before you move the rolls for the day. Check out the following moving checklist to be aware of what these items are, and you can strategize what to do with them before the movers arrive. No matter how good the moving company is, there will be some steps you need to take so that the movers can do their job properly.

Keep in mind that restricted items from moving companies may vary from moving company to moving company, so it's a good idea to strategize what to do with those items before you start packing. Moving companies that are dedicated to ensuring a smooth moving experience, such as Mayflower, will provide you with an important checklist of items that carriers will not move. How to prepare for the move: Moving your house is not as simple as hiring a moving company and “voila, everything is done. Carriers won't put a propane tank on the moving truck, so you'll have to give it away or move it around in your car yourself if you're moving locally.

Here are 16 things you need to do before the moves arrive to help make your relocation as smooth and cost-effective as possible. If you hire a moving company to move you, they will likely give you a “not allowed” sheet with all the items that carriers cannot pack or move. Now that we've gone over the reasons why moving companies can't move certain items, let's see what items are on the disallowed list. If you are wondering which elements will move or not and you are moving a long distance, there is always an error on the side of caution.

Some of those items that moving companies can't move are also illegal, so it's not only about moving companies being too cautious, but it's also about professional moving companies complying with the law.

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