Should you provide drinks for movers?

But giving them something refreshing will help make the move faster, as well as make them appreciate it. All moving professionals must bring their own food and drink to graze, but if you want to treat them, it all depends on your discretion. Whatever question you have, the best policy is to always talk to your moving agents. The same applies to the feeding of those who move.

There are no rules that tell you not to do it or that you have to. However, there are companies that will discourage their workers from accepting any food or drink you offer them. While you have absolutely no obligation to feed those who move, having food for them to eat can make the move much quicker. Pizza and sandwiches are always favorites.

Don't serve too delicious food or your movers will be ready to take a nap. In terms of hydration, sports drinks are the official unofficial drink of moving companies. They'll drink more than you think.

Inez Buttolph
Inez Buttolph

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