How long does it take the average person to pack and move?

As a basic rule, allocate one full day of packing per room, twice as much if you have a lot of things. So, if you have a studio apartment, suppose it will take 1 to 2 days to pack; 2 to 3 days for a one-bedroom apartment; and approximately 7 to 8 days for a five-bedroom apartment. As a starting point, plan to spend a day packing your bags for every room in your home. For example, if you live in a studio apartment, it should take you a day to pack your belongings.

If you live in a two-bedroom house, assume it will take you at least three days, depending on the size of the rooms. Add an extra day or two if you're packing for the first time, and don't forget to spend at least one day packing in the garage. You can have your family help you (your partner, your children (if they are old enough), your parents (if you are moving out of their house) or any other family member who can and is willing to give you a hand) or reach out to your friends (throw a packing party, so you can have fun with your friends while you prepare your things for move, or just ask a couple of trusted friends to help you out for a few hours every day during the last week before you move). Once you've hired a moving company to handle your packing, you may be asked to send them a list of items in your home that you want to pack.

As much as you prefer to pack your items yourself, if time is of the essence, you should consider using professional packaging services. Needless to say, larger homes take longer to pack than smaller ones; of course, you can pack the contents of a one-bedroom apartment much faster than you can pack the contents of a four-bedroom home. And if you have a lot of things that need special packaging, such as collections or fragile frames, add an extra day to your time so you can pack properly. You can also hire an external packaging company, separate from the moving company you hire to handle the heavy lifting of your move, which can offer many of the same packing services at lower prices.

Depending on the size of your home, the number of belongings you own, and whether or not you have additional storage, such as sheds, garages, attics or basements, packing for a move can take anywhere from 1 to 7 days. Then, touch the items just once, put them in the appropriate stack or pack them in a box before moving on to the next item. For example, you can take drinking glasses out of your cupboards, wrap them in paper and place them directly in a glass box. For example, a craft room with neatly packaged supply bags will require much less effort to pack than a room full of waste and unfinished projects.

You may only need an hour or two to pack an almost empty guest room, but the garage with its cabinets, drawers, and shelves could take several days. Packing will be less tiring and less stressful, and your items will have a better chance of surviving the relocation intact and unharmed. Whether you choose to hire professionals or pack on your own, make sure you order your items first and get rid of everything you don't need or don't like; this will not only speed up the packing process, but it will also make your move cheaper and easier.

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