Do movers want you to empty drawers?

It depends on the moving company, but usually there is no need to empty the moving drawers. However, we encourage you to do so: your items will be safer when they are packed in moving boxes and your furniture will be lighter and therefore safer and easier to move. Should you empty the drawers before moving a chest of drawers? Customers often ask us this question. We can charge your dresser.

Leave clothes in drawers if the chest of drawers is light enough to move. When your drawers are full of things, they are obviously much heavier and difficult to transport. If the chest of drawers is fragile or old, having full drawers will only increase the chances that the wood will crack or break the piece when it is in motion. In addition, the rolling mechanism on which the drawer will slide may be damaged in the process.

To avoid breaking your furniture or damaging moving company materials, empty the drawers to make your moving experience easier. When moving furniture with full drawers, those who move will have to work very carefully (due to the risk of accidents) and get tired quickly (due to the extra weight), so the process will be slower and the move will take longer (and in the case of a local move, when you are charged by the hour, this means that your moving expenses will be higher). You may want to empty these types of sideboards and the movers will wrap it with elastic wrap to try to maintain its integrity. A question that often arises when you move out of the house is whether you can leave your chest of drawers full of clothes and your usual things, or if it is better to empty the drawers before the movers arrive.

With empty drawers, it will be much easier for carriers to lift and transport your furniture and get it out of your house safely and into the moving truck. Movers are likely to have to maneuver the dresser up in the corners and keep it on its side. Labeling each box clearly with your destination room will help your carriers unload more efficiently and save you the hassle of playing traffic director. Moving tip: If you want to be as prepared as possible, you can safely stack the drawers near the exit door, as the chest is likely to be loaded into the van before any of the boxes or loose things, and then the drawers can be quickly repositioned before the rest of the van is loaded.

If it's a lightweight chest of drawers that you think two Movers (or you and a Mover if you're helping with the move) can easily pick up and transport, then there's no reason not to leave the drawers after emptying them, it's going to be relatively simple. The moving label says you should stay in the house and let your employees know where to find you if you need to leave for a while. Large, heavy sideboards are one of the few things that even moving professionals can struggle with. It's no secret that being a moving company requires a lot of physical work, carrying tons of heavy furniture for hours is not for the weak.

Help your carriers by making sure you know where they can park your truck, how they can best access your apartment, and if there are time constraints on parking or moving. In general, it is important to remove any obstacles that may prevent moving companies from doing the job quickly, efficiently and safely. So, do you have to empty the moving drawers? You may not have to, but doing so will increase your chances of a successful relocation. In addition, your move will be delayed if carriers have to wait for elevators to be clear and available.

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