Do movers steal things?

Although it doesn't happen often, those who move can steal. Use our packing tips and interacting with moving company professionals to avoid potential theft. Well, there are a lot of guys out there who definitely steal from customers, it's a small percentage. Usually, theft happens when you paid for the packing service.

DVDs and video games are the most common. The biggest thing that was stolen was an ancient sword, which the driver who stole it was threatened to bring it back and then shot. There was a dispatcher who was stealing laptops from commercial shipments, he was doing it consistently without anyone knowing because the inventory forms counted laptops in groups rather by actual volume, he took them and no one would know. He was later fired for a long list of crimes, robbery, assault, etc.

Approximately 1.6 million Americans hire interstate carriers of household goods each year. Unfortunately, 3,000 cases of possible moving fraud are reported annually. Many of these cases involve criminals offering low budgets and then holding customers' possessions hostage in undisclosed warehouses, demanding thousands of dollars in additional payments, and threatening to auction. MoveRescue is dedicated to ending this problem by ensuring that moving companies comply with federal consumer protection standards.

The most common scam in the moving industry is to hold your belongings “hostage” for additional payment. Although you have agreed to a contract for a specific amount, the moving company requires hundreds or thousands more to release your item. However, before you get too comfortable, you may want to reconsider letting the moving company pack your socks and underwear. Remember that even if you have hired a reputable moving company, an accident can occur and you may lose your shipment or some of your items may be seriously damaged.

I honestly have little experience with my boys stealing things or being careless with furniture and containers, but this may be because I work with the same guys constantly and I know that I can trust that they won't bag your Rolex or anything else you might have of value. No one will purposely steal or damage your documents, of course, but you never know what might happen and how quickly you'll need them. Yes, we carriers are tired and stressed on the day of the move, but also consider what your moving company is going through. It was an amazing move, but having to deal with it was too much, so yes, I dropped him off at a bus terminal and wished him luck.

Some moving companies look legit online, but in reality they are professional scammers who don't move, steal belongings in the process, or overcharge for their services. However, however competent and reliable your chosen carriers are, you are strongly advised not to entrust them with certain “special possessions of yours”. Not only can investigators help you resolve your complaint about broken items or track your things, or your carriers, but they can also work with law enforcement to get unlicensed, unethical and illegal carriers off the streets, just as they have done in New Jersey.

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