Do movers help you unpack?

Full-service carriers don't just pack your house, they can also unpack for you. While you focus on other tasks associated with installation, your movers will make sure everything goes where it's supposed to go. You provide the guidance and they will take care of the task themselves. Unpacking is another popular moving option, and yes, you can hire movers to unpack.

Unpacking is often one of the most stressful parts of the moving process. By bringing in movers to unpack and help set up your furniture and other belongings, you'll instantly feel calmer and more “at home”. Full-service packers will ensure that all furniture is disassembled, properly wrapped, and secured with padding and protective gasket. The paintings and frames are removed from the walls and the carpets are rolled up and ready to move.

Boxes are labeled and classified by room and location. Using professional packaging services will save you a lot of time and effort, but it will cost you extra money. On the other hand, packing by yourself can help you reduce your moving expenses, but it can increase the risk of damage to your belongings during the move (and will require a lot of time and hard work). Whether you use professional packing services or not, we recommend that you store your precious possessions before the movers arrive and, if possible, take your valuables with you.

If your bathroom has ammonia, nail polish or nail polish remover, you'll need to discard or move them yourself. Don't forget to request a list of prohibited items that your movers won't be moving for you (so you don't waste time packing them, or so you can find another way to transport them to your new home if you decide to take them with you) and ask for any special requirements your movers may have regarding to pre-packaged items. You can buy packing materials online, from contracted moving companies, from any local moving company in your area, at home improvement stores or office supply stores, etc. So even before you set your moving budget and start looking for moving companies, you should focus on the fundamental question: “Do you want to pack yourself or hire packers? Using packing and unpacking services will save you time and energy, and you won't have to worry about damage, breakage or loss, as carriers are experienced in moving large and heavy items and fragile possessions.

Despite the fact that most packers and carriers are ethical and reliable professionals, there is always a chance that a dishonest worker will bag an expensive item. So, can movers unpack for you? We will explain the services that are standard and those that may require additional assistance. Keep reading to learn more about what to expect from carriers who pack your things, what carriers don't pack, how to know if you should hire carriers to pack, and how much the service normally costs. Companies like My Town Movers offer comprehensive moving services to help simplify and expedite moving.

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